AWQM Mouse Pad with Non-Slip Rubber Base

The product of a new era, the Awqm mouse pad will make your life so much easier! It is 100% non-slip rubber and has no microchips to prevent you from any kind of harm. It comes with many useful accessories such as speakers, USB ports, keyboards and more and for that special feel, it is constructed out of A-grade materials. This high quality product is available at an affordable price, but our top-quality products are not only made of high-grade materials but they also have excellent customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are offering free shipping to all countries worldwide as well as delivery in 7 working days or less. Visit us today!

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The AWQM mouse pad is perfect for those who need to do their work in bed, in your living room, on the train or while going out, on your desk or even in your car. The main advantage of this mouse pad is its size as this pad can fit up to 2 MN-pads. We are giving away 300 of these pads free of charge. If you need more than two mouse pads, then you can purchase one of them. In case you have other similar problems with this mouse pad like you have a damaged keyboard, there are special guarantees as this pad contains special seals and anti-slipping coating. Other characteristics of this mouse pad include:

• No Microchips: Since this pad has no microchips, you don’t face any technical issues like any kind of damage. Moreover, the device does what it is supposed to do without any trouble. So, if anyone tries to damage this unit, it will just get repaired itself.

• High Quality Material: You can find numerous types of material used in making this pad, however the last quality material used is high-end ABS material with a special seal to provide the user with extra protection and safety. After purchasing the device, you will see that it looks like ordinary paper paper and it’s very durable and is easy to handle and clean too.

• Unique Design: When considering this pad, it has unique design and it makes the wearer so excited about wearing it. You can wear this pad anywhere you want and nobody will be able to tell you that it is counterfeit or fake. Also, it has a good looking design. Your friend might even compliment you on seeing how nice your room is.

• Speciality Seal: These pads come in different colours so you can choose the right colour for everyone. You can even mix together various colours of pad to create a stylish look.

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This pad can be used by people of any age, gender and nationality. As soon as you order the device it will arrive at your doorstep with no hidden charges. It is manufactured by WOWWOW Electronics Co., Limited, a global leading supplier of electronic devices. For more information, please see the official website of the seller. Please read their terms and conditions carefully before buying this pad. You must understand how to use it.


• Can I buy more than one pad at the same time?

Yes! You can purchase another pad when you order three pad. More is not better. You can keep track of every single product with each order. How long will the delivery take? According to its name “AWQM” meaning “Anewest” it will take between 3-4 days of arrival to make it reach the destination. What is its weight? Since this pad weighs 1 lbs (500 g), it is very light and smooth. How expensive is it? This pad is quite expensive. Is this pad hard-working? Absolutely no, it is durable. What are my options? There are plenty of other brands that are close to being identical. Where to buy it? Amazon.

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How often does the shipping take place? Once your order arrives, the items will first be delivered to your address. Within 2 weeks, it should be in the same location. Some online stores also have warehouses for packing your goods before delivery. Are there any returns policy? Yes you can return an item up to 20 days after receiving it. Do I have an opportunity to exchange an old pad? You can try to sell, trade, resell, customise and exchange your old pad. How frequent delivery is possible? Delivery is available only within Canada. Is it safe to work on my laptop? There are no chances of damaging the computer. Should I pay for shipping? Most of the e-commerce websites take care of all costs and do not ask you for additional money. They just deliver the product as ordered.