Reviews for Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, 1080p HD, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor

In today’s technological world, it is essential to have access to the most advanced security cameras for your home or business premises. The new security system makes use of a unique combination of motion detection technology, multi-camera systems and artificial intelligence to provide maximum protection at all times. This is also perfect if you are looking for something easy in terms of installation and design. It allows you to set up, configure and monitor your security system anywhere you like.

Dekco’s portable wall mount kit will allow you to install any sensor and camera that you choose. Whether you are looking for CCTV surveillance or full HD monitoring, this system offers both models with several other components, such as an alarm clock, speaker noise cancelling microphone, etc. The cameras can be connected to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth and even controlled from smartphone or tablet. These are the best security cameras on the market. I have tried them myself and they are excellent quality. You can order them through their website. They ship by next day delivery, so they come as soon as possible after placing your order.

It is one of most affordable solution to protect your home. If you can afford to buy a lot of security cameras, then it may not be worth it. Some of my friends use these same system to take more than ten years off from work due to the constant threat of robbers and burglars during their hours. I like having two extra safety doors installed so I have a window that I am able to see when people are coming to my house.

The whole system can be used on a single panel but it has only three panels for watching video, audio and alerts. But there are some exceptions. You can install two different panels for visual monitoring as well as stereo sound monitoring. Both can go to four rooms and each screen is capable of displaying up to 30 simultaneous windows.

It has many sensors such as door and window movement detection, smoke and fire, etc. There is also infrared light based camera lighting control, Wi-Fi for controlling it. All of the hardware parts can sync to the cloud using the built-in internet connection which allows you to see the activity live. Everything is fully controllable using a user-friendly interface.

The included software for all the cameras are very intuitive and easy to learn. As for the wireless connection, I found it works quite good. There were no issues as far as network connectivity was concerned. So, the battery life also didn’t disappoint me. I was expecting about 5-6 days of operation depending upon the weather, but all of the recordings took less then twenty minutes to get up to date. However, since it has motion sensing and facial recognition system, you can select an area you want to follow, which you can see in real time.

They also support Google Assistant so you can control almost every gadget you need to. With only three panels for viewing, you can see everything within your property. Its easy, flexible setup means you don’t need to stick to the exact location and your house is protected. So, it is very suitable for residential places but there are some basic features I might not recommend you.

  • Here are some pros and cons of this system:

The price is pretty affordable. It is just $30 to install. That includes router and power supply.

The wide range of models allows you to purchase one to fit your needs but with multiple cameras the set up will cost you significantly more.

You can monitor video in 3D mode, which shows how long the space is.

For the motion detection system, you will need to buy a special laser and add small screws at its base to keep it stationary in place.

It will be difficult for anyone to take advantage of remote installation since you must have the required tools to do so.

It requires minimum 6 panels. If you want to connect it to 4 extra panels then you will have to pay nearly $50 a month.

There are multiple layers of wires needed for connecting all the devices. So, it might be really tough if you plan to connect multiple gadgets.

The IP54 standard makes it hard for someone to gain unauthorized entry into the house without the power supply.

It is not waterproof. And the USB ports will get clogged with dirt too easily. Due to this, the chances of getting caught by water and dust in the ceiling and on the surface of the building will increase.

I wasn’t able to test it thoroughly due to the limited time. One hour of data is available for testing. Once done, I received the following message: “You must upgrade your subscription to continue using our service.”

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